Natural beauty products without chemicals or synthetics

Natural beauty products without chemicals

Simply easy step to beauty and makeup without chemicals.

The dangerous chemicals in beauty products and what can we do to prevent
damage from them.

Every day English ladies are caught up in body wash, shampoo, lotion and
deodorant. We use many of cosmetic and makeup for making good-look but we
disclosed ourselves to various chemicals.

We often watch out for food package we take but we are confident in soap,
toothpaste or makeup.

Even though some chemicals have just been forbidden to use in make-up and
cosmetic, some products still normally use chemicals that have been caused
to health problems.

We should be avoided the following lists of some principal substance if possible :-

Preservatives (Parabens).
The most common chemicals use of parabens in skin care cosmetics are
Methylparaben, Propyl paraben and Butylparaben. From research, parabens are
related to cancer causing. However, they do not have any proof that they
really cause the cancer.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphates/Sodium Laureth Sulphates
Sodium Lauryl Sulphates are used throughout the world in skin cleansers and
hair care products such as shower gels, body baths and shampoo. They are
also strong and harsh detergents originated from coconut or palm oil. They
can be eye and skin irritants and will cause people to have hair loss and can
even lead to asthma.

Aluminium can be found in many popular antiperspirant deodorants and they
are widely associated with Alzheimer’s disease. They are used to coat skin
to prevent sweating. This is the reason that if we use for a long time, it
may raise the opportunity to be risk to breast cancer. Let’s imagine, if
poisonous substance could not allow to go out together with sweating so it
will stay longer on our skin.

Now we realize that our skin is penetrable and absorb much of what we use
actually. We still realize that the chemicals soak into the bloodstreams and
finally finish up in our organs of human bodies.
It will bring to the progress of skin patches, a medicated adhesive pad
placed on the skin for absorption of a time released dose of medication into
the bloodstream.

So how to avoid ?
At this stage, you can bear in mind that the less we apply the chemicals,
the less opportunity they will cause us damage.
Basic ways to be risk as less as possible in cosmetics chemicals :
Read the labels carefully. Now the Law force manufactures to advise all
ingredients on the labels.

Be careful of natural range of product but truely not. Regularly they
consist of a few natural ingredients whereas they consist of a lot of
chemicals ingredients. So please always read the labels.
Select natural toothpaste. There are many toothpaste in store so select
toothpaste which use natural ingredient such as Aloe Vera which is the
natural whitener.
Preferable to aroma oil than chemicals perfume. They seems to be free of
Again, instead of using body wash and shower which contain sodium lauryl
sulphate, please choose the one that contain palm extract. They are not
affect and irritate to our skin.
Select deodorants which are free of aluminum. They will allow toxins to go
out through sweating.

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