6 Steps to have Spa at Home

How to do a spa at home, Spa at home ideas

If you are thinking to go to the spa so the next things you think about are time and money. You need to have at least 2 hours to take your time in the spa. Sometimes, the spa fee is too costly. Now you are lucky because we will let you know that the spa is as close as your hand.

You could have a change to relax yourself at home and you won’t need to spend money for getting to the spa. Tonight you can simply make your aroma-therapy spa in your home.

We shall begin to the steps to relax :-

In order to make a spa at home, you need to do the simply steps below. You need to finish the following six steps so you will take a rest in your own spa at home.

1st step :

Clear everything away from your bathtub to make it ready.

2nd step :

Prepare the comfortable towel near the bath for later using.

3rd step :

To copy the spa sensation, do not forget your comfortable slippers and dressing gown.

4th step :

Arrange nice music such as easy listening song. And prepare aroma therapy candles such as lavender aromatic to your feeling.

5th step :

To make your dead skin peel off, prepare pumice, aroma therapy lotion, Epsom salt, and aroma therapy body oil.

6th step :

Be sure that you have around twenty minutes for the spa time. Place Epsom salt a couple of spoon and a few aroma therapy lotion to the bathtub. Switch on your hot water by using both your faucet and shower to get a lot o steam, then fill up the bathtub. Light up your aroma therapy candles. Open your arranged easy listening music to relax. Take off your cloth and get into the bathtub. Grab pumice and scrub your skin. Relax by your song and aroma therapy candles. Gentle massage your body by aroma therapy lotion. Then apply moisturizer over your body. And clean out by water. When you feel you are relax and ready to climb up from the bathtub then slide into your comfortable slippers and dressing gown. Lastly, give yourself bonus by your favorite herbal tea or peppermint.

So now you have already known that you can make your own spa at home and it is not costly. It is also easy to create.  Enjoy yourself !

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